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Safety First - He ran a red light! logo 9/6/2015 Steve Lackey

My wife and I along with some friends thought we go see some interesting art yesterdat. Less than a mile from the house, we were hit on the driver side by a PU that was going about 45-50mph. He never touched his brakes from what I can tell. My view was block by another vehicle but I did see catch him out of the side of my eye right before impact and was able to swerve a little. Both side impact bags deployed and surprisingly, no glass was broken. It spun us in a complete 360. The vehicle did what it was design to do and there was no intrusion into the passenger cabin however the truck did do a number on the left rear tire and wheel. The only injury was to the occupant in the rear passenger seat suffering 6 fractured ribs from the seat belt, but I'll take that any day. I haven't inspected the vehicle but I'll bet that it's totaled. This accident happened so fast that none of the passengers were able to brace. I am very pleased with how it did with this impact to the driver's side passenger door albeit not a Tbone. I understand from the Euro safety test that the Macan got good grades and that was proved up this Sept 5th. If anyone wants pictures, I have some.

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