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Satisfied with hybrid XLE with convenience pkg logo 7/9/2016 Ajit S

1500 miles so far. Good mpg combined highway and city, about 37.5 mpg. Close to 45 mpg when driving mainly on highway. When driving below 15 mph and gas engine is off, vehicle emits a noise , which sounds like something is non quite right. Apparently this is a vehicle proximity notification system. For the user who is not aware of this, it seems like some thing is wrong. Slight vibration when gasolene engine comes on . Navigation seemed to freeze up on one trip on the highway. It did not respond to any of the controls until engine was turned off and started again. Apparently the entire entune system can be reset by holding down the power switch on the unit for a few seconds. Breaks feel a little spongy, but not a major issue. Best features are the safety sense package accident avoidance system. Lane departure with steering assist and automatic breaking and speed control with radar cruise control works well. Also detects if both hands are not on the steering wheel. Overall, like the vehicle.

Average Rating : 5


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