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Second Chevy truck logo 5/24/2015 bjk3

I had a 01 Chev swb ls with the 327 engine.. Probably in my opinion the best V8 engine in production, because it will go 300,000 plus if well takin care of, and parts for it can be found anywhere, and they don't break the bank like the imports. This 06 is even better, I bought from Car Maxt after the other one was totaled in a hail storm. So I have been driving the 327 for 13 years total. At the time of purchase had 93,000 miles. Never been in the shop after 3 years of ownership. Had two emission issues, that chev avalanche club helped me fix, Great multi purpose vehicle. gas mileage could be better, averages only 13 in town, but highway miles good as high as 19.

Favorite Feature : The 3 panels remove easy, and then it's like a truck. The back seats go up so you can haul a lot of stuff, in the rain and it stays dry. The panels help the gas mileage by keeping wind out of the back. Has maybe one of the best rides on the highway out there. Everyone calls it the cruiser after a ride on the highway.

Suggested Improvement : Gas mileage, might be hard to do, as it's comparable to other V-8 trucks in mileage. They no longer make it due to EPA legislation, but I expect them to come back out with it eventually like they did with the Camaro.

Average Rating : 4.75


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