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Second Corolla logo 9/11/2015 Happy Owner

I bought my first Corolla in 2009 and was disappointed in the performance and stability when the weather was wet and windy. I traded it a year later for a different brand. Fast forward 5 years and I picked up a 2015 Corolla in May. The only thing I dislike about the car is the CVT transmission. I've had other cars with CVT's before; I understand how they work and why they're engineered that way. It's to maximize efficiency. I've learned it's more effective to strategically plan getting on a freeway instead of being able to jump on the gas and having the car take off. The fit and finish of my car is great. I got the Brown Sugar metallic with Ivory interior. The paint doesn't pop as much as I'd like it to, but that's probably because the dealership didn't have time to properly detail it before delivery. I arrived in the late afternoon and left (in my new car) after the dealership closed. Handling is typical economy car...light steering, not very precise but adequate. It's comfortable. I traded in a Lexus IS250 for my Corolla, and the Corolla is more comfortable. I have yet to see how it handles in wet weather, but it's larger and heavier than my 2009 so I expect it to be better.Overall, a solid car. I anticipate hanging on to it for many years.**Update** I've had the car for almost a year, and I still love it. Average MPG is rock solid at 34 combined city/highway. I've driven it in the rain and in generally bad weather and I'm very comfortable with how it handles. I had the opportunity to rent a Camry recently (someone hit my Corolla) and I like the Corolla more. Toyota nailed it...again.

Average Rating : 5


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