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Second hand ILX 2.4L 6MT logo 12/7/2016 ryhi

I was looking for a good commuter with a manual transmission I could hold on to of the next 15 years. I have owned 3 other Hondas so I have seen, first hand, how their powertrains hold up as I maintain them myself. I was interested in either the '16 Civic LX 6MT or the '16 Accord Sport 6MT. I, personally, like the new civic but, at the time, only the LX had the 6MT available. I didn't want to spend ~$19 grand on the base model, base 4 speaker stereo and wheel covers. I have been spoiled with the features I've come to enjoy in my 2007 Accord EX-L Sdn V6 6MT, I know I was being too harsh on the LX. I began to seriously consider the Accord Sport, it is a gorgeous car on the outside, but I found I would have to give up many features: quality stereo, sunroof and (at the time) leather on the inside. I have always loved the powertrain of the Civic Si, excellent engine and transmission but personally, I didn't want the Si and wasn't too fond of the interior. To every man his taste. I then noticed the ILX. I would never consider buying one brand new for $30k+, but a clean white one at ~$21k @ 10,000 miles and in immaculate shape it became an excellent choice! The new Accord Sport is pushing ~$27k but I got so many more features with the used ILX. I have throughly enjoyed this car and even with the 6MT coming available in the EX-T Civic I find I'm still enjoying my choice without regrets. (I would really be sad if a Leather/Manual/Turbo civic option had popped up), even with the turbo manual option the Apple Car play is great but it still lacks a bit of a list of features ILX has. Some features I have really enjoyed are the sound system, there is a Sub in the back and the higher wattage is very noticable, much better sound and intensity than my fully loaded 2007 Accord EX-L. The HIDs are excellent, I purchased the car in OR and drove it to CA during a rain storm at night to outrun a snow storm. Those headlights were impressive for that drive, I could see both sides of the road (worried about deer) and much further I have ever been able to see with my other Hondas, the handling is also very light and precise through the mountains. What I wanted in a commuter was good powertrain, this car always puts a smile on my face driving home, this is the best manual transmission I have driven and that engine note never gets old. This thing is quick. Even on starting the engine it reminds you of its capabilities with that aggressive engine note. I've also been pleasantly surprised with the fuel economy. I commonly get ~40 mpg on my 40 mile commute one way, which includes hills and plenty of stop and go, I usually average 31MPG overall with lively city driving. On a longer drive to UT I saw an overall 34.5 MPG on the computer. I've only put premium in it and honestly don't mind the extra dollar or two at each fill up. Even with the newer choices of the Civic Turbo manual and even the excellent Mazda 3 I still went with and couldn't be happier with my choice in the ILX. My only gripe, echoing the many, was no Navigation. Fortunately I have it in my Accord. Honestly, It's a pleasant convenience in it but wasn't a deal breaker in the ILX for me. The screen in the ILX is honestly rather poor, but the sound system quality is what I was looking for. Another gripe is the fact that it revs a little too high for my taste on the freeway, but I like the shorter gear ratio than those longer gears found the Mazda 3 6MT. The keyless entry and push button start has also an excellent feature I've come to truly enjoy. If you're looking for a good option, the ILX is a solid choice if you can find a good one off lease. This car is a tidy package for the long run. Also the fact that someone designed it so the oil filter is conveniently on the bottom of the engine directly behind the oil drain plug (rather than spilling all over the back of the engine like on the Honda F series engine or spilling all over the subframe on the J series) is brilliant.

Average Rating : 5


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