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Second Impressions logo 9/6/2015 Paul Horvick

I wrote the earlier review shortly after we took delivery of the vehicle. It was (and is) a solid vehicle. But...I am downgrading our 5 stars to 3. We apparently did not do a great job in test driving it. In addition to the less than smooth ride noted earlier, the middle row of seats are, for most adults, very cramped and uncomfortable. My wife, about 5'6", complains that the leg room is really tight when the front seats are all the way back. I tried it also (I am 5'10") and would never want to ride in the middle row. (Yes, we had the middle row moved back as far as we could). So, couple the relatively harsh ride, the inadequate middle row seating for adults, then this becomes just an average that had we done better due diligence, we would not have purchased. Yes, good looking, quiet, nice technology, ...a solid feeling car....but one that, in hindsight, we should not have purchased. Before buying, do a better job of test driving than we did!

Average Rating : 3


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