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Second S Class - 4th MBZ logo 6/28/2015 kcoc3

I think that MBZ put too many bells and whistles on this car. I am paranoid about having any kind of a fender bender as the electronics will surely be messed up.I had to have new breaks and rotors put on at less than 19,000 miles. The climate control makes a weird noise sometimes (noise comes from engine) and per the dealership it is normal. Car is built to be quiet and then there is a weird alien sound.Voice control has improved but still not perfect. Sadly Siri works better in responding to text messages, etc.Massage on the seats is silly, along with the embracing seats.I have never used the "perfume" dispenser.

Favorite Feature : Keyless Go, distronic, blindspot warning, cameras full 360 view, comfortable and good giddy up.

Suggested Improvement : All the frills like perfume, massage, embracing seats would be gladly traded for reliable breaks and no weird noises coming from the car while driving. The things that are important to me is having a car that is safe, reliable, and performance. I go to the spa for the other things.

Average Rating : 4


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