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Sedona SXL is more than a minivan logo 9/2/2015 New Kia Driver

We purchased a Sedona SXL 7 months ago and have put 12000 miles on it since then. Coming from a 2008 Honda Odyssey there are some distinct differences. Most noticeable is how much quieter the interior is in the Sedona. You can have conversation with people in the back seats at highway speeds in the Sedona without shouting, unlike the Odyssey. The body structure of the Sedona feels very solid -- no rattles, or flex over bumps, like we would notice in the Odyssey. The layout of the instruments and controls in the Sedona are very user friendly and intuitive, more so than the Odyssey. With the console mounted shifter the driving position in the Sedona is less "minivany" than Odyssey. Both vehicles have a comfortable ride, with the Sedona having firmer seats and slightly firmer suspension, which gives it a more stable ride, with less wallow than the Honda. Both are great road trip cars, but the Sedona definitely feels like a more of a luxury car than the Odyssey. Tracks better on the highway too. Real world MPG is about the same, around 24 highway and 18 around town. In terms of driving, the Sedona is more satisfying on the road.We were first considering a Sedona SX model, but after looking at the SXL my wife really liked the extra features -- lounge seats, nappa leather, flashy chrome wheels, and especially the technology package with surround camera. The camera is an amazingly amazingly practical feature. We've owned Mercedes, BMW and Infiniti, Honda, Land Rover, Ford, Lincoln and Chevy vehicles over the years. This is our first time buying a Kia and we are still surprised how much we like it. While it likely won't hold it's value like the Honda, for us it was a better overall value than the other vans.Odyssey advantages: The engine and transmission in the Odyssey felt slightly smoother and more refined under quick acceleration, and the Odyssey has more third row room (since we only use the third row occasionally this was not a big deal). We looked at the new Odyssey and Toyota Sienna as well before we purchased. We also had a Town and Country rental for a week and were surprised that we actually liked it. Side by side it's not quite as good as the Asian minivans but considering that you can buy one for $9K less than the other vans I understand why so many people buy them. All these minivans are great family vehicles but the combination of unmatched features, styling, drive quality and price swayed our decision to buy the Sedona. Of the four we ranked them Sedona, Odyssey, Sienna and Town and Country.

Average Rating : 5


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