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Seeing how long it will go logo 4/4/2017 Chris L

I bought the car from my grandfather after he could not drive in 2014 with 23,000 miles on it. currently in April 2017, the Odometer is reading a little over 91,000 miles. Ive done all of the scheduled maintenance (probably a little more then I've needed) but I do a lot of distant highway driving so in my opinion better safe then sorry. Ive taken the car from NJ to South Carolina and back and it was just as smooth as a ride to the corner store after 14 hrs of sitting in traffic. In the 91,000 miles i have never had any issues other then my meticulous need for scheduled maintenance. I came from an older Dodge and that gave me nothing but headaches so this car is a breeze and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, from 25 yr old males like myself who enjoy speed and performance to the old lady who needs a car to go to the store. I do live in NJ and am frequently in Boston and Upstate NY and this car is the best I've ever owned and driven when it comes to our getting slammed with snow. My only "complaint" is the acceleration could be better as could the technology and instrument panel. Other then these 2 minor complaints It is a great car that Id like to

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