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Seemed great until... logo 5/29/2015 griffk

I will be honest with you, I'm a Ford guy. But the wife came home with the Tig and at first I was pretty impressed. Quick little car, nice interior, great on gas. That was 20,000 miles ago. Now, if I knew more about the crash test ratings I would put the "peoples car" out of its misery. Moved from Texas to Michigan, apparently, our vehicle didn't appreciate the cold. According to VW, the EPC went out due to weather. $900 for replacing and again, due to weather, this time humidity, EPC out again. According to VW, "a number of vehicles are experiencing this type of difficulty, but not more than half." [non-permissible content removed].

Favorite Feature : Here's a list to our woes:The tires require nitrogen. No other vehicle I have ever driven (11) were too good for air.Check engine light is a constant reminder that no matter what kind of interior the vehicle has, it's all crap.Oil light will come on only during a right turn. Strange...Loss of power when traveling under 70 mph. However, it will run like a german champ on the highway, just as long as there are no right turns.The gas mileage was at a steady 34 mpg. Now, it's at 19 mpg. I had a 76 C10 with better consistency.The rear windshield wiper was a laughable joke from the start.The radio is awesome. Extremely confusing for a simple mind like myself.

Suggested Improvement : Quit with the electronics. Or at least give it with options that make sense. Like a toilet. Honestly, I want to be able to take the needed poo while driving so I don't have to stop in the worst part of town, just to drop a deuce on a toilet that has never experienced the wonder that is Clorox. Taint scratching and feet scratch/massage are next on my list.

Average Rating : 3.25


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