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Service Advance Traq logo 4/27/2016 Gary B.

I purchased a F150 at the end of the year ( 2015 ) and got a great deal . About two weeks ago my truck was going 45 mph and then locked up and would go no faster then 10 mph . I turned it off and everything seem to be ok for a couple of weeks . Then it happened again and I was almost re ended . I had to drive all the way home at 10 mph . The truck lurches back and forth with the truck screen say Service Advance Traq . This truck is dangerous . It is currently at the dealer and they have determine that the throttle assembly is broken . I think it is many other problems . This is all computer related . The part is on back order ,,,, whatever that means . After the first month the truck started making engine noise and is very weak with not much pickup . The rpms rev up and the truck hardly moves . The A/C is lousy as well , It doesn't seem to work all the time . Back doors are also annoying to open and close . I had a Tundra for 8 years and I needed to get a new truck for my business . I replaced the A/C fan , tires and brakes and that 's it . I had 140,000 miles on it . I needed something reliable , this Ford is a huge mistake . I paid 38k for this pile of junk . It lasted a whole 6000 miles . I'm currently in a rental Ford Escape , I'm so upset .

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