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Sharp and nimble logo 6/12/2016 Douglas Swinford

I have a lot of experience with driving cars, trucks, commercial vehicles. This is a find piece of machinery. In comparing with the competitors I liked the Mazda CX-5 and its snappy little motor. The Skyactive engine they have has a little more snap than the normally aspirated Touring, but I love the flat four and the balance and proven reliability of this set up. If you live in a climate where you have snow and bad roads and want all wheel drive they seem to have an edge on the comp too. Plus, when pricing its as if you don't pay extra for it (AWD) like you do on other vehicles. We liked the Hyundai Tuscon as its really sharp but I didn't want a turbo motor and all the ones we liked had their new 1.6 Turbo. I think Hondas are great but the front seats were lacking and did not have the wonderful seating position and view out of the windshield that the Forester does. Forester manages to have a nice back window you can see out of and still be nicely styled. My wife and I are both shorter drivers (under 5'10") and we had the best visibility out of the Forester. Now to particulars... I like the Eyesight system it works well but can be quirky occasionally and kick itself off. Its not annoying though when it mildly scolds you for getting out of your lane. Given that this is a high end model I would have thought I would have more gauges, i.e. temp / oil pressure / volts. But you get a blue light to tell you when the motor is cold, duh, and thats it. It does not have quite the ride that my 2003 Dodge Caravan does, but of course that has a longer wheelbase and it is a two wheel drive and can't handle much off the pavement. I've only had this car off the road for a short distance once on some un even ground and she was like "lets go!" My wife really likes the tight turning radius compared to our van and she can get the power seat set so she doesn't need a pillow like with most cars. She loves to sit up hight and see out. So far the gas mileage has been very very good. My worst tank early on averaged 26 and the current one is at 30 for 100 miles. It will probably level out 27 or so. If there is road construction and you are held down in speed the mileage keeps shooting up. Driving 70-75 steady will put you at about 26 which is still good. I've only got 1600 miles on it. Thats all I can think of for now. I'm the kind of person who spends hours and hours studying and reading consumers reviews which I think is one of the best measures of a car. If you are coming down in size it will take a little adjusting but its still comfy for couple of hour trips. Happy shopping

Average Rating : 4


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