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Shocked is all I can say... logo 9/2/2015 Brian Yelton

My wife and I had been looking for her a new midsized vehicle for the last three months. We literally drove every competitor car in the class.Camry - Price was good, power and handling adequate but in typical Toyota fashion wanting in the features department.Accord- Price was an issue for a feature rich car but the engine noise... Good God the engine noise!Regal- Good car and actually our 2nd choice. Great power and handling but the Buick exterior colors couldn't get any more bland. The interior's color combinations are a visual assault on the senses and their Premium packages are just goofy if you ask me.Mazda 6- Good car also but the front seat I am almost certain uses granite for seat padding. Pricing was just a bit of concern with the Mazda as well. But not a bad choice if you are numb from the waist down. Also just a smidge weak in the power department with no engine upgrades available.Altima- Not a bad choice either, very comparable to the Mazda with slightly better seats but the same slightly lackluster performance with no upgrades available.Optima- A little floaty in the suspension. Good power from the turbo model. (on par with the Buick and Fusion) But despite claims of 20mpg on in the city, my 50 mile test drive was nowhere near that. I suspect the way that car is tuned you could realistically expect 14-15 in the city. Tons of features, but found most of them completely useless for our purposes.Sonata- Was a solid competitor across all measures with one exception. The lumbar support in the seats I am pretty sure were designed with a 2ft tall person in mind. For a non-homunculus it should be named pelvic/tail bone torture device.Malibu- Just off a little by every measure. Mostly quality of materials. The car felt cheap when compared to others on the list.Audi A3 & A4- Both good cars all around. A bit too pricey and the premium fuel requirement stinks. Not to mention dealerships are sparse. Passat- Just generally an uncomfortable vehicle and blasé on almost every count.If I forgot a car in the same class then I apologize but if you ask what about...? Then the fact I forgot it should tell you it was forgettable. I assure you we test drove all of them. Hands down the Fusion reigns supreme in this class of cars.

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