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Short people beware logo 9/2/2015 Phyllis Mitchell

Just recently purchased the vehicle, so can't say a whole lot about it at this point. But the one thing I have noticed is the liftgate is not made for short people. I am only 5'1" and to close the lift I have to jump up to reach it. I am an elderly person and that is hard for me to do. Have almost fallen a couple of times. GM need's to modify that with a pull down strap that is easily accessible. Checked with the dealership to see what could possibly be done to correct the problem and they did have a suggestion as to how to fix it, but it requires drilling a hole in the lift and my husband isn't comfortable that not knowing what he may drill into. And of course the service department "might" do it for a charge. The only other thing I have noticed to date is the rear seat head rest block's part of the view when looking through the rear view mirror. Not good if you are traveling the interstate or 4 lane highway. Other than that, I really like the vehicle. Well worth the cost.

Average Rating : 4


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