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Should be recalled, a real lemon logo 5/6/2015 big_jig

I bought this car 3 months ago used with 39000 miles on it. It has a 6 speed automatic transmission. 2 weeks after I bought it Ford sent me a letter stating the this model was having transmission issues and if it broke they would fix it for free.The transmission went out at 42000 miles and now Ford tells me they have 32000 parts on back order and I won't get it back for at least 12 weeks.This is my first and last Ford I will ever buy. I would like to trade it in but it apparently lost a lot of value in the short time I have owned it due the the transmission issue. What a joke. This car should be recalled and is a true lemon.

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : Recall this lemon before someone gets hurt.

Average Rating : 1.125


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