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Should have bought RAV 4 logo 4/29/2015 coosa43

My wife and I bought our 2014 Honda CRV one year ago when we traded in our 2009 Nissan Xterra for what we thought would be an upgrade. We recently took our Honda into the local dealership for routine service and a problem with the air conditioning. The vehicle had 15000 miles so we were not worried with a repair cost due to the BUMBER TO BUMBER Warranty of 36000 miles. I go in and tell the technician the problem and state that the problem should be covered under warranty and his first statement was not so fast that if it was a hole in the condenser for the A/C it would not be covered. Major problem with the whole A/C on the CRV's. Paid 600 for repair on a brand new car.

Favorite Feature : Good gas mileage, nice riding car and overall good interior, very comfortable for our family of four.

Suggested Improvement : Warranty STINKS!!!, major A/C problems at very low miles DO YOUR OWN RESERCH, Tire pressure light comes on frequently with correct pressure in tires.

Average Rating : 3.125


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