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Should have kept my ford logo 6/13/2016 Z Costello

Bought this truck brand new. Needed a dually for towing. Thought I couldn't go wrong with a new Denali diesel. Was I wrong. Digital steering assist whines in the steering column when at idle. Ridiculous for a $70k truck. I also have cabin noise issues. I can hear the ticking of exhaust coming from dash area on driver side. Not well insulated for outside noises. And just last week noticed I have about 2 inches of play in the steering wheel. Hard to control at highway speeds. Gm has been terrible to deal with. They say everything is normal for this truck. Completely unexceptable. Traded my Ford F-350 for this.....big mistake. I am pursuing lemon law on this truck. Has been in dealer 3 times for same issue. Going in again to see if they can fix. Gm doesn't have a fix therefore it's normal. That's not gonna fly.*Just to update. Took my truck in again for issues listed above. As expected GM has no fix for problems. They agreed the digital assisted steering is noisy but they don't know how to fix so they chalked it up to a normal characteristic of the truck. Really bad service. I'll be going back to a Ford soon. Never had an issue with my F350's.

Average Rating : 2


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