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Shoulda checked logo 7/9/2016 AnotherBill

Who can not help but love a new car. I know I do, but after a month of owning my Forester, there are some little annoyances that cant be noticed until you have owned the vehicle. I may be a little critical, but some things you take for granted that they have been tried and approved. The front seats need some added cushioning. It is a little to firm for my aching back that becomes apparent after a six hour drive The power seat is very nice, I just wish the passenger side had some of the same adjustments as the drivers, such as the lumbar support. These things don't become apparent until you have spent time in the vehicle. The climate control blows lots of whatever you want, but my kids in the back seat were complaining of being too hot, or too cool. I thought there was a vent to the back seat area under the front seats, but there are none. The entertainment? screen, AKA the radio, is a touch screen. I think it is the same software as the RAV4. Having to page up or page down to see other programmed stations is cumbersome, and without fail, I miss the touch area to advance, and end up on a different screen. I'm sure I will get used to it, but for now it is a pain. The steering wheel controls are there, and they work well, except you have to step through all the other preprogramed channels. That is just how it works. No fault there. The information screen on top of the dash, although mostly useful, has a number of screen settings that seem to be more fluff than substance. It handles very nicely, but does seem a little too much on the stiff side for the bumpy roads of Ohio, and for the expansion joints of many of our interstate highways. The CVT was a nice surprise. Being old school, I was suspicious of the design, but it is quite smooth. My only gripe is from a stop, it can be a little "grabby" as it engages. I also hope the longevity is on par with their older designs that lasted forever. The AWD system is flawless. They all are. I'm about done, but I need to mention that as I packed for a family trip, I found myself wishing it was a foot longer in the cargo area. Purely for hauling our junk around. Probably owning a mini-van spoiled me, but I still like to take my stuff with me when I head out on trips. Oh and another thing. I didn't realize this was not assembled in the U.S. That could have been a deal breaker. (My 1998 Outback was built in Indiana. Still on the road, but tired)

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