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Should've gone with my gut instinct logo 6/17/2017 Accord lover

Can't believe there's NOT a trunk release inside the car! If you don't think you'll miss it, make yourself not use the one in your existing car and see if you miss it. Had a 1995 that even had it in there! Asked dealer (after I bought it) where it was & they said the only model that has it is the touring model. The back-up system is so generic, compared to Ford's. When you back up with theirs, the visual is green (ok), yellow (getting closer) & red (you're right on top); the audio is beep beep (ok), beep, beep, beep (getting closer), & BEEP BEEP BEEP (you're right on top). Honda has no audio and bare bone yellow-no comparison. I'm short and although I try not to hit my knee when I get in, I'm frequently nailing it on the console below & to the L of the steering column, also hit my head a lot on the top. The radio is horrible! the buttons are SO small (& I've got little fingers) I'm constantly hitting the wrong buttons while driving, which throws the thing into la-la land; no matter how much I practice on it, it's a pain & I despise it. Car doesn't do well in high winds for handling. Also sounds like the tires are out of round if it isn't driven every day. The AC and heating system take forever to cool/heat. For a $32K car, I would not buy another. I do, however, like the way the seats lie down in the back...that's what initially attracted me to it plus I've owned Honda's since 1985; still have my 2005 Honda which I gave to my son for high school graduation as he'll be using it to and from college. Feel like giving him the CRV but have payments...if I could do it over, I'd buy another Accord. My husband wanted me to buy a SUV since we already had a new Taurus, the Accord and a pick up. Should have listened to my instinct and bought the new Accord!+

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