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Sinister SRT 392 packs a vicious punch logo 8/16/2015 Mike V

Well where do I start. Hmm oh yeah the 6.4 Liter Hemi is a beast. Have put down consistent mid 4 second zero to 60 times with no effort whatsoever with a best so far of 4.2 seconds. Took it to Route 66 dragway and have turned mid 12's all day long at an average of 111 mph. Nothing has even come close to beating me on the street and most don't even try. I opted for the Redline Red Tricoat paint job and it literally can look like three different colors depending on the lighting from fire engine red in the sunlight to Candy apple in the shade, absolutely wicked! I nearly settled for a Scat pack but I'm really glad I went with the SRT. For about 5 grand more you get 6 piston red Brembo calipers up front and red for piston Brembo's out back that clamp this hefty muscle car down from any speed with ease. I'm averaging 17.5 miles per gallon at excessive highway speed along with aggressive of highway driving. This thing comes standard with a rocking 18 speaker Harmon Kardon 900 Watt sound system that has some serious bass provided via 2 perfectly placed subwoofers where the spare tire should typically reside. But I barely ever turn it up because of the absolutely sick sounding soundtrack provided by the 2 tailpipes pumping out the best sounding V8 music I've ever heard and it's utterly addicting. Put the fun pedal to the floor and those babies open up like I put a $2000 exhaust system on it. I've never experienced a vehicle from the factory with the raw power, sound, ride quality the list goes on and on. Especially for $50K it's an unbeatable vehicle in every way. The SRT drive mode selectors are truly amazing that gives this monster the ability to drive like 3 different vehicles and you can mix up the ride pretty much any way you like. I usually go with full traction control along with track transmission which doesn't allow the 4 cylinder shutdown to occur and offers lighting quick shifts. Then stiffen up the suspension and steering a bit and have a blast anywhere I need to go. There's a never ending list of cool technology and excellent safety features this vehicle offers I could go on all day. I've owned Camaro I've owned Mustang and they don't even come close to competing with the 392. 100 percent satisfied with my purchase and plan on keeping this beast for a long time.

Average Rating : 5


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