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Sixth Toyota; still love them logo 3/2/2015 Emily Miller Jocham

I love this minivan! A couple things about Toyotas that buyers should know: 1) Toyota is practicality and *quality* first, which means that there are sometimes design issues (especially with the interior) that may annoy, but they do not compromise the integrity of the vehicle, and the car will still last longer than any American-made vehicle; 2) Siennas are made to be torn up by little kids, so don't expect Lexus-like appointments (my husband's '12 Avalon is far, far, faaaar superior to my XLE Premium minivan). So, don't be silly--understand what you're buying, and you will be be pleased for many years to come!Update: I had this Sienna until last month. My 36-month lease was close enough to being over that we were able to swap our '14 Sienna for a '17 Highlander Limited; we just didn't need all the van space, anymore. However, I wouldn't have hesitated to re-lease another Sienna, if necessary. I loved my Sienna, and I had zero issues with it the entire 39k miles I drove it. The ONLY thing that annoyed me was this little squeaking noise that came from the third-row seat when it was cold outside. We never could figure that out. But that really wasn't a big deal, and we hardly noticed it. Overall, the Sienna was an excellent vehicle, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a minivan. (Also, leasing from Toyota has been an absolute breeze. I know most folk steer clear of lease deals mostly because of horror stories from other people. But, we haven't had any trouble leasing from Toyota. In fact, we were 3k miles over our limit and technically had two months left on our lease. We traded in the Sienna for the Highlander with $0 out of pocket--including no penalties for being over on our miles. In fact, we had about $1k in equity with the Sienna. Just a note I wanted to leave, in case anyone is considering a lease.)

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