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Skip the New F150s logo 4/28/2016 Drew G

They aren't like the older F150s at all. At under 20,000s our new 2015 F150 has been a nightmare and not safe to drive either. Regardless of payload size, road conditions or other factors which would normally effect its handling, shifting, power train, etc the truck has been completely unreliable. It will frequently, without provocation, down or upshift causing dangerous situations in traffic. Ford says this was initially due to the system which tracks my driving habits and that it needed to be reset. Two months later after I completely lost all power on the highway they told me there was a short in the transmission writing harness. The problem has not stopped since that was replaced. They told me next that I was carrying too much weight (about 700 pounds) for the new 'consumer grade' trucks and it must have caused undue stress on the engine. I removed the weight and the problems persisted. The brakes have been unreliable, grabbing at certain intervals despite the mechanics insistence that they are in fine shape. Occasional rocks or mud will cause immense noise to persist from the brakes for days. The fuel saver auto start blew through the starter in under 6 months and now when it shuts off it occasionally refuses to restart. The sync and bluetooth systems are a mess and need to be restarted or reprogrammed on a frequent basis.

Average Rating : 2


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