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Smoking & Burning Oil at 8800 miles logo 6/16/2015 mike_d3

I have the 2014 Ram 1500 BigHorn Crew Cab with the 5.7L Hemi. I purchased it new and have approximately 8800 miles on the truck. If the vehicle sits more than 30 minutes, when I start it I get a huge puff of blue smoke and there is carbon/soot all in both tail pipes. The brand new Hemi is clearly burning oil. Either I got a lemon, or you should stay away from this gigantic hunk of junk!! Ram has been incredibly defensive and hard to work with so far. Biding my time and following the process to solidify my lemon law claim if they don't step up.

Favorite Feature : I love the styling, both interior and exterior of the truck which is why I ultimately decided on Ram over Ford . . . . . . but wishing I had that Ford engine right about now.

Suggested Improvement : That's easy . . . . make a quality engine that doesn't burn oil. Then I would love this truck.

Average Rating : 2.5


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