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Smooth ride, and Lifetime Warranty! logo 4/26/2016 James Oliver

I have only owned my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a handful of months. But I work as Jeep Service Advisor at a Jeep dealership. My Laredo X with a panoramic sunroof and of course, a Hemi is so much fun, and stylish. Its smooth, confident in handling, bold, powerful, quiet and very comfortable. Major step up from the previous gen (WK) with soft touch materials, and great quality plastics. My Jeep only has 20,242 miles on her clock, but as a Service Advisor, I write repair orders all of the time. It is very common to see these 2011-2013 Grand Cherokees (WK2) with well over 100,000 miles. They do not rust for what I have ever seen, and if they are taken care of, then they will last you forever. If you do not like that it had 4 recalls (Recalls that replace very expensive parts with no money from you) then you need to look for a bike. All vehicles get slapped with recalls. That should never be a deciding factor when buying a vehicle. This is my second Jeep Grand, and my fiance is on her second Liberty. I also was able to buy a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Great brand! Love it! (To leave review, I had to put that its an SRT. But, its not.)

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