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Smoothest car logo 8/7/2015 Seattle Car enthusiast

After owning a few BMWs and a Lexus, I was dead set on getting something cheaper. Walked into the dealer to buy a GTI and left with a 2014 A4 with the Black Optics package. First off - astounding looking car. Audi has come a long way from the 'bubbly' design of early 2000s. Secondly, it's the smoothest car I've ever driven. That's coming from someone who owned a 550, 135 and RX over the past decade. It's undoubtedly due to the higher torque at lower revs as well as amazing steering feel. One thing I wished: I think the car could do with a bit more power at the higher end (3-4k revs); but it doesn't necessarily need it for most Americans' driving style.Overall, amazing car, buy it and don't worry about a thing.

Average Rating : 5


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