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SNOW MACHINE! logo 8/23/2015 wil

This is my first Subaru and probably not my last! I bought this car brand new April of 2014 and since then have put on 26,000 miles. I live in the mountains of Vermont, where last year we got more snow than anywhere else in the lower 48 states. This little car performed like a champ! I often times drove out of my driveway that was covered in a fresh 12 inches of snow (Without snow tires!). I average 30 MPG, which I find to be great considering it's AWD and I have a few mountains that I traverse everyday. If you need good gas mileage and a car that can get you through the worst of winters, this is it! I also like that it comes standard with almost every modern safety feature. As of now no repairs, just oil changes.

Average Rating : 5


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