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So Far So Good logo 5/5/2015 fteter

I purchased my Tundra Access Cab with the LTD trim package and the leather seats new in 2003. 2wd with Limited Slip Differential. So the truck is 12 years old with 130,000 miles on it as I write this. So far so good. Still comfortable, still reliable, still runs like new, carries or tows whatever I throw at it. Did change out the timing belt and water pump at 90,000 miles, but only because Toyota's maintenance schedule recommend it - no issues. Expect another decade from this truck.

Favorite Feature : Strong transmission. Simple, elegant interior styling. Very comfortable front seats. Excellent acceleration and power. Smooth ride, especially for a truck. And quiet...blocks out external noises very well. And the best part...never, ever, ever fails to start and perform.With the Limited Slip Differential, I can handle offroading well. Not rock crawling, but basic offroading. Have even pulled a few 4wd vehicles out of trouble ;)Recently took the truck on a cross-country vacation. Never worried. Not a single issue...not even a funny noise. 12 years out - still runs like new.

Suggested Improvement : Toyota painted this truck with water color paint. Very thin coat, easily scratched or chipped. It may need a paint job within the next two or three years.The front brake rotors are a bit overmatched by the weight of the truck. I went to cryogenically frozen Brembo rotors - harder surface, lasting much longer between rotor turns.Not much comfort in the rear seats of the Access Cab. Good for infants and small children, but not much else.Minor nits for the most part. All suggested improvements aside, love this truck!

Average Rating : 4.625


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