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so far so good logo 6/13/2017 dave on the Cape

so far I like this van. everything is operating as it should Have put 2000 miles on it so still new-new van. I like the looks from the outside, in business and want a professional looking van. But make o mistake, it's still big and boxy which make it hard in parking lots, lumber yards, ect. I wanted a bigger interior so I knew what I was getting. The cab is great. Modern looking, and with cap'n chairs you can find your right fit. Wish the wheel came back a little further for some added leg room. Not a big deal but seems like a better fit for me, I'm 6-1". I got the nav. set up. Not impressed with it so far...The visability is a problem looking out the pass. side barn doors to the back. I have a partition wall up but its still difficult to see oncomming traffis if you are at a stop and you need to look back and right. Partially my fault for putting in the safety partition but didn't want to get my head decapitated on a sudden stop-impact with my cargo. On the highway the bigger winds just have there way with it. Again, boxy sides get pushed around, but wanted the interior space so I deal with the blowing aroung it does. All in all so far so good.

Average Rating : 4


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