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So Far So Good.... logo 8/6/2015 David H

We have 7000 miles on our 2015 GLK350 now and so far it's been outstanding. Mercedes quality is evident in this car with no squeaks, rattles, even on the bumpiest of roads. Engine is powerful for its class. The Eco mode where the engine shuts off after a minute at lights is a great invention. Just lift off the brake pedal and it instantly starts back up with no lag time. My only complaint is that the engine has a slightly rattly sound that reminds me a bit of a diesel, but that's really nit picking at this point. Transmission is seamless, almost electric engine smooth! Interior is outstandingly sharp. My wife picked this car at the dealership for this feature. Very tastefully done (we got the dark wood with aluminium trim). Despite our toddler flinging his milk bottles and turning the back of the car into a white splattered version of a murder scene, everything simply wiped off with a wet rag. Seats are comfy yet firm. The suspension is a bit more firm than I prefer but I also appreciate the confidence the firmness inspires. Definitely more sports car feeling than an SUV (evident in it's shared C-Class platform). Now the gripes: - During a rain storm, you're sure to get a bit of a drenching when you open the back doors. The rear rain gutters are ineffective. - The turn signal stalk is always hidden behind the main stalk so you're accidentally turning on the wipers instead of the blinker. - For such a wide vehicle, it sure has little interior space. Our E-Class wagon is narrower yet holds 3 to 4 times as much stuff! Overall, we love this car. It's my wife's main car while I drive our E-Class Wagon. Both cars feel very different and it's hard to tell which one I prefer....

Average Rating : 4


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