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So far So good logo 8/25/2015 crash

The reviews I've read sound scary! I haven't owned mine long but I've done a long road trip with it. Others have mentioned poor gas mileage. I don't fully disagree, but I've been watching my driving habits and my mileage has been improving. At first I was getting a combined 16.5 mpg. My overall average has improved to 21.5 and my last few fill ups were around the 23.5 mpg range. I now leave it in ECO mostly and switch to sport in city traffic or when I know I'll need more responsive acceleration. I haven't had any quality issues yet with trim or paint, but do worry about that as the trim pieces do seem a little fragile or cheap. So, I am concerned based on other reviews. But, so far I LOVE this car. It is very quiet which is important to me. Its a very smooth ride too, also important. I just returned from a 7 day, 2700 mile road trip and I find the car to be very comfortable. I bought this car used, and had planned on buying the Audi Q7, but was having difficulties finding the right used one at the right price and then drove this and loved it. I should mention that the one I bought came with all the packages, and I'm very pleased with all the features, especially the adaptive or intelligent cruise control. So, so far I'm very happy, and hopefully I won't have some of the problems others mention.

Average Rating : 4


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