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So far so good. logo 7/8/2016 Joseph DeLacruz

I've had this van since December of 2013 and have only racked up 34K miles on it. I don't use it commercially, it was just a better replacement for my full size pickup. It's basically used as a REAL sport utility vehicle for my dirt bikes, kayak, snowboarding, camping and hauling things once in a while. I'm 5'8" and find the seating position very comfy, longest drive I've done in one day was 550 miles. I love the cavernous interior, it was the widest and tallest of all the low roof contemporary euro style vans, with the lowest step up height. It's performed well in snow due to the front wheel drive (which was a selling point for me, I only wish there was a 4WD version). So far the only problem I had was front parking lights contacts corroding, but it was fixed during a recall, it had a bunch of other various recalls that were fixed at the same time (so I hope). The other HUGE gripe I have was when filling up with gas I have to hold the trigger the whole time because the gas trigger lock unlocks probably due to the gas filler hose angle (?), but it only happens in California with the vapor recovery boot. Ive averged 20mpg, which was alot better than my pickup. Time will tell if I get any of the problems mentioned in the other review, but my experience have been positive so far. I do all of my maintenance on all of my vehicles because I'm a mechanic by trade and don't trust dealerships. I think if you read into specific vehicle forums, you'll get a better perspective of how owners think of their vehicles, because many people that give reviews on automotive sites are just the mad ones with that have had problems.

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