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So far so Great! logo 8/11/2015 Janine W.

I had been on the hunt for a new car for several months (luckily my previous Escape had been running great so I had time to shop!). Moving from an SUV, I wanted something a little more fun to drive, with better fuel efficiency, but without sacrificing too much space. I had narrowed down my search to the Corolla, the Hyundai Elantra GT, and the HR-V (Yes, 3 very different cars, I know). After endless pros and cons lists, multiple test drives, reading every review on the web, and making myself insane meeting many different car salesmen, I finally opted for the higher investment with the HR-V. As soon as I made the decision I felt relief. Now having had the car for about a week, I have already packed it full for an art show and have a road trip schedule. This car is fantastic! A little sluggish on the pickup, the sport mode gives it a little more "oomph" to improve the driving experience. I really enjoy using the paddle shifters as well. The road noise is very quiet when in drive mode, but when in Sport mode, the CVT shifts a bit higher and is definitely a little louder, but still far quieter than my Escape was. I opted for the EX, as this option adds a moonroof, heated seats, and side view camera (when turning right) and only added about $2000 to the price. One thing I have noticed that I'm not the fondest of, is the extreme lumbar support in the drivers seat. I think that, due to my small stature, this will take some getting used to. I also wish Honda offered a powered drivers seat option for the EX model (I don't think they even offer it for the EX-L either). In a nut shell, if your looking for something that drives like a car, gets great gas mileage, and has the capacity of a small SUV and will last you forever, this is the car!

Average Rating : 4


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