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So much for a new design logo 5/20/2015 carly13mky

I had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I was in and out of the shop with problems. From the airbag sensor, replacing the roof rail seals, and misc recalls. There were several other smaller issues, but one that could not be fixed and caused the dealership to trade my vehicle was something was wrong with the transmission. I would be driving in traffic, or in a school zone, hovering around 20mph, and the car would not accellerate. I had to either slam the break or turn off the car and restart it to get it to move. the dealership had it 3 or 4 times and "could not duplicate the problem". i sent a video in highway traffic to Nissan, nothing. i don't know if they ever figured it out. Update, I've had this vehicle 2 years, and have almost 60k miles. The trim Gasketing is coming loose on the passenger side roof rail for the second time, and the door weather stripping is coming off on the rear passenger door. The car shutters art 30-40 MPh, depending on the temp, but I haven't gotten it fixed because I hate going to the dealership.

Average Rating : 3


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