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So much potential so much maintenance logo 7/23/2015 B Haden

We leased a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SV for 36 months. We enjoyed the vehicle appearance interior and performance. Unfortunately the transmission continually had issues in this car. We truly wanted it to work out but the dealer repeatedly informed us Nissan did not have a solution to fix the CVT transmission. We were told over and over Nissan is aware of the problem but only certain models were recalled. As we approached the end of our lease and that 36,000 mile warranty cut off we decided it was time to dump the Nissan because we did not want to risk replacing the transmission on our own dime. The last thing we needed was to be a few miles over the warranty and forced to pay for transmission they claim they couldn't fix. Boy were we surprised when the resale value was nowhere near the residual Nissan had hoped it would be worth. After calling Nissan corporate numerous times to discuss the problem with him very calmly no one really cared. We were truly shocked as we were willing to spend as much more in an Infiniti product. We ultimately decided to buy a reliable trustworthy Toyota Highlander and eat the negative equity Nissan didn't want to deal with. It's really a shame because we will certainly tell everyone we know about the risk you take when you purchase the Pathfinder. Overall a great vehicle but just not worth the risk because Nissan will not back you. You can get the same great gas mileage without the sketchy CVT transmission that Nissan uses to achieve good gas mileage.

Average Rating : 2


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