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So much wrong with this car I can't even sell it. logo 9/3/2015 Kyle smith

My veloster has 50,000 miles on it and to paint a picture of how bad this car is ill name off all the things wrong with it. 1. The parking break doesn't work at all anymore 2. The sunroof has a whistle at highway speeds so I have to keep the cloth part shut 3. I have to skip fourth gear when accelerating because it grinds every time I try 4. I have to push the cruise control button anywhere from 1-15 times to get it to actually turn on5. The steering wheel wrap has been peeling up since 20,000 miles6. I had to tear the passenger handle costing off because it slightly pealed up and cut my friends finger7. I had to replace the tires at 30,000 miles8. Two speakers have blown9. To hit a button on the navigation you have to press and inch below the button you want and hard10. The sunvisor won't stay up. The piece that makes the visor hold itself up whenever you move it completely locked up and broke trying to put the visor up11. The silver piece that goes over the parking break button for looks just fell off one dayThis car was obviously poorly designed and then built with poor materials as quickly as possible. I wish that I could get rid of it but who would be a 2012 with 50000 miles with these kinds of problems already showing themselves.

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