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So wonderful I bought another one logo 3/1/2015 teamsc10190

I had a 2006 Mazda 3 SGT that was my favorite car I'd owned since the early '70's. I decided late in 2009 that I needed to have another one but the second generation 3 was already at Mazda dealerships, sporting a vapid grin that I hated. I needed to find another first generation 3. The search for a SGT variant took me four years to find a low mileage pristine example CA car. When a 5-sp manual, White Pearl with navigation surfaced I pounced on it. It was well worth the effort and the wait. This car consistently delivers in smiles per mile.With the third generation 3, Mazda recovered the sexy face in a more capable and complete package that will be on my short list in the future.


Favorite Feature : The razor sharp driving dynamics of this car are characteristic of it's athletic prowess. The car is flat out fun to drive. It feels a whole lot like the "3" from Bavaria for less than half the price. This car is just a solid value and a joy to drive. I call my Mazda 3 "the mailman" because it always delivers.The small manufacturer from Hiroshima really knocked this one out of the park. Bravo!Handsome, chiseled styling and the richest interior in the compact segment are the frosting on the cake.

Suggested Improvement : There are a couple of shortfalls in what is overall a pretty seamless execution. The rear seat could benefit from a couple of inches of additional leg room. The carpeting and sunvisors are dreadfully cheap, and a remote trunk release and heated mirrors should have been part of the SGT package. This is where a samll manufacturer like Mazda is really at a disadvantage where they lack the business scale to justify developing a full featured complement of trim levels.

Average Rating : 4.75


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