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Soaked in my Challenger logo 8/11/2015 Stephen Smell

So far I had a heating problem where the heat system would start blowing cold air.Took 4 trips to the service center and it is still not fixed a hundred percent.Next all the bearings fell out of the seat.Had to wait a week for parts.Then I got a recall notice telling me the alternater could stop working with no notice shutting the car down completely.Imagine driving out 95 and all the sudden you have no power steering,power brakes,no ABS system,No windshield wipers and no lights.And Dodge told me this was not putting me in harms way.It took 4 months to get replacement parts.Also the alternater could catch fire at any time.Next the airconditioning system started blowing a water mist into the cab of the car.At first I was told all systems do that,I told them BULL.They came back and told me the drain on the system was clogged.They said because of this the duct system had mildew in it and would have to be disenfected. Charged me over 200 dollers.Three wekks later I have mist again.WOULD NOT BUY ANOTHER DODGE EVER.

Average Rating : 3


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