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Solid and fun to drive logo 9/12/2015 NYS Driver

I've had this SUV for 9 months and 12000 miles. So far, no maintenance problems except for a slight vibration noise coming from somewhere behind the steering wheel/dash that you can hear at low speeds (under 30 mph). My mechanic thought it was a loose spring in the steering column, where the tilt assembly is, and a mechanic at Subaru thought it was a "loose latch" under the hood. She and I thought she had fixed it, but after a few days of silence the noise came back. It is a minor annoyance. Otherwise: body is stiff and ride is bumpy at first, but it smooths out considerably after about 5000 miles, and at this point I would rate it as smooth and enjoyable. Handling is a bit jittery at very low speeds (maneuvering through parking lots), which takes some getting used to. I find the steering to be excellent (at least compared to my former car, a 2000 Toyota Camry), making it fun to drive. Acceleration is very adequate: you don't get a sense of power to spare but you don't struggle to get from 40 to 60 or 60 to 80, either. It is crisp and swift. Traction was good through last winter (2014-15) in the Northeast (which was bad) although I drove slowly on icy roads. The wheels may have slipped here and there but the vehicle did not lunge or swerve. Gas mileage is excellent for an SUV, about 32 mph combined. Radio and CD player are very average. Visibility is excellent and general cabin atmosphere is nice with the extra light. Air conditioning seems about average, not icy but comfortable at temperatures over 90 at the second to lowest fan setting. Engine power while AC is running is surprisingly good; you don't really notice a difference. Storage capacity is fine; limited horizontally but compensated for with extra height.

Average Rating : 4


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