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Solid Performer logo 4/7/2017 Al Poplawsky

All the professional reviewers trash this car but most of them must not have bothered to drive it. I got the manual transmission for the better fuel economy and it got 25 mpg on the first tank with half highway and half small town driving. Not bad for AWD - beats the old Subaru that died after only 160k miles hands down. Here in the Northwest everyone drives Subarus, I call this the Subaru alternative. Fit and finish both inside and out are excellent. Very solid feeling on the highway - feels like a much larger vehicle, yet very maneuverable in the city. Wind noise is minimal, you do hear the 4 cylinder a little when you put it through its paces, stock tires are terribly noisy. These Goodyear tires rate near the bottom in every category at TireRack, Jeep must have gotten them for free! I got a car that listed at $24,500 for $19,100. It has all the features you need and expect in these times - plus a few - and was $5000-$10,000 less than a similarly equipped Toyota or Honda. A good value in my book! Professional reviewers say they are not reliable, but when I looked at the details for the 2015 it was below average or way below average for repairs in every category. My 6 foot teenager is amazed by the room in the rear seat, says its more than our Dakota crew cab! Not new and not sexy, but solid.

Average Rating : 4


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