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Solid Purchase - Limited logo 8/6/2015 Tj

I purchased in May of 2015 and have since taken it to 2 road trips and accumulated 6k miles on it. I can honestly say its a solid purchase. Comfortable, full of features, handles well (not sporty) looks amazing. Its fuel economy is "OK", only because it was rated at 27-37 city/hwy mpg, but I calculated 24-26 overall in mostly city/some highway driving but factored in is the traffic of Las Vegas.I love the drive selectable steering, the transmission is okay, you can on some occasions feel the transmission shift harshly, but rarely. My passengers and I both agree that the back seats are not comfortable on long road trips, they're leather so I'm not sure this could be said about cloth seats. Our butts and backs were very sore at the 2 hour mark, stretching at each rest stop was a must, but the two front seats were Okay for the road trip.***updatearound 10k miles the car had made a short whining noise which disappeared instantly, but then the a/c started getting hot. I called Hyundai roadside and they towed to the dealership because at that point I wasn't sure if it was going to make the 20 mile trek. The a/c compressor had given out at 10,000 miles is what they told me. This was covered under warranty and cost me nothing. This was just one of those 0.001% of products might fail situations is what I'm what I'm guessing as they never really gave me an explanation why it had given out.Now at 17500 miles, car is still going strong, more road trips around Cali were done and this car still proves to be good all around. Fuel economy on the highway (75-80mph) was 32 mpg at each gas station.

Average Rating : 4


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