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Solid vehicle, great pricing used. logo 3/7/2015 newaccent2007

We purchased our Pacific blue LX 2.4L with 43k on the odometer. Since that time, we've only had very minor issues. The factory battery went bad at 48K, and now with 81K the sway bars need to be replaced which were cheap to order. I use the vehicle as my company car (contractor) and it now has 81K on it. The factory brakes are still about 30-40%. It's been an incredibly reliable machine, and it's used on and off road and down Amish township roads daily. Tough, durable, and reliable, and cheap to obtain too.

Favorite Feature : Low cost to purchase, plenty of power (even with the 4cyl), reasonable handling, and incredibly comfortable seats. Excellent view of the road, and intelligently styled interior. Looks great, the design is still contemporary even though it's 5 years old!

Suggested Improvement : Transmission programming. It seems to be historically buggy. We've only had problems with it once. Otherwise it's always been smooth, and everything else is pretty solid.

Average Rating : 4.625


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