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Solid, Well-designed and great MPG logo 6/18/2015 jklo16

The Volkswagen TDI SEL 2.0 is a very good highway car in the $30k range with a strong turbo assisted diesel and great milage. In eight months, I am approaching 18k miles and am averaging 42 mpg which includes a good mix of bumper to bumper stop and go Tollway driving as well as open highway cruising. As pro reviewers stated, it's solid and very roomy. The radio display is a bit boring with a basic red on black display and the response time is slow from pressing the touch screen to seeing anything happen. ( The screen is not an iPad)The Fender stereo setup is decent for the price range.

Favorite Feature : Trunk space is very decent and roomy. Back seat is very spacious. Seats are comfortable and the combo leather and cloth is a good touch. The cloth doesn't freeze in the winter or burn you in the summer. The sun roof opening is Ok and the wind screen is a nice touch.

Suggested Improvement : The side mirrors could include the corner oval that would help see cars right next to you in the blind spot, but most cars will probably have electronic warning indicators in the near future.The trans goes to neutral when you come to a stop so you CANNOT put your left foot on the brake and your right on the accelerator to pull into another lane in heavy traffic. (As soon as you take your foot off the brake, nothing is happening). It's a trade off for better fuel economy-less resistance on the engine when stopped. Occasionally, the computer controlling the radio/nav has problems on start-up. I've had occasions where the radio is on but no sound will come out.

Average Rating : 4.5


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