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Some changes: #1 Rule: It's a MINI. Get Over It logo 8/20/2015 Maria

This is an update to my initial review. I've got some 6,000 miles on it now. Combined mileage is 34 mpg. Freeway driving is a breeze, as long as you, the driver, realized your MINI Cooper (non-turbo) is no race or fast car. It's a very simple 1600 cc's of raw BMW power. They should use that line in their advertisements. The car and its payment went to my ex-husband when I left him. He wanted it. He loves it. At 74" he is very comfortable in the car with top up or down. So, the rest of this review is his. Toby, that is her name, performs exactly the way I had hoped she would perform. Whether in the city (stop or go traffic) or on the highway, she does an excellent job. I do not drive her fast. She simply isn't fast. I didn't want "fast" so, she is perfect. For me. At my age. I got this car because it was a convertible, leather interior, a wonderful color combination for the exterior with a very comfortable ride and superior sound system. Toby is a Highgate package with the Harmon-Kardon sound system (a 'must-have' in my mind). I truly cannot think of anything else to say about the car, as it is just a superb automobile in spite of its price tag. I got what I wanted: A well thought-out, high mileage, comfortable drop-top. When I'm 80, please stay off the sidewalks. I'll be driving on them!

Average Rating : 5


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