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Some good, some bad logo 7/26/2015 Monica

After One YearI have owned this car for a year, now. Would I buy it again? Maybe - due to the clearance and AWD technology. Do I love it? No. It has started to rattle in the dashboard. Wind noise is still there. Rear door is still annoyingly slow. Computer screen is still functionally obsolete (I just want an image of my phone and I want to see the time and temperature larger). Gas mileage has never hit 33 for any length of time. Original opinionI had the 2008 2.5i. This vehicle has a lot of good - the engine seems to have more power, the continuous shifting makes for a smoother ride and better acceleration. On the "just ok" is the control screen. It's big, it catches dust and glares, the weather is useless for me because I don't live in a select city. Why would I use the navigation when I have my phone with all the addresses and a voice that talked me through the directions? The two data points that I do hunt for (literally) are the time and outside temperature. These are small and tucked at the bottom of the screen.I started with the good, to be fair.. However, there are two things I hate (hate) about the car. Unfortunately, they are in your face, all the time. #1: wind noise, wind, wind, wind. It sounds as though the window isn't closed so you are constantly trying to close the windows. #2: the rear gate is sllllooooowwwwwwww to open and close. I am constantly standing by the gate , waiting for it to open or close. I hate that too. Really hate it.

Average Rating : 3


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