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Somethings you won't know until you own one. logo 7/6/2015 genegenre

I am writing a review here because I have a 2012 and, aside from a few tech mods and bits of shiny trim, they haven't changed much since '12. I use my Civic NG for auto parts delivery. It has 190,000+ miles on it. So far the only two things to go wrong are the wheel bearings beginning at 60k. I had kept my tire psi at 44! Since having them changed at 103k, I haven't begun to feel any wear as I have deflated the tires back to about 34psi. I tried to change the front fuel filter and damaged the housing. Cost was around $600. The + side is that you really only need to change the filters about every 50k miles. Dealer charges $80 for labor for the front (I do rear). My mechanic charges $15 labor.

Favorite Feature : I can get over 50mpg on long freeway trips. I once got 63mpg on a several hundred mile round trip though Ohio. Dash readout was 61mpge but trip miles divided by gallons charged at the pump were 63ish. As amazing fwy mileage as it gets, you will only get around 35mpg in mixed 50/50 city hwy on normal length trips. I get 20mpg in slow rush hour downtown Pittsburgh traffic. I love the usb display on the dash that you can toggle through the steering wheel. The car is comfy and reasonably quiet. Oil change intervals are extended because of the cng. I do mine every 25k miles (though that's every 3-4 months!) $2/gge has stayed steady in western PA though some newer stations charge up to $2.36.

Suggested Improvement : You only have functionally about 7-7.5 gallon equiv. of fuel at 3500-3700psi. I have done a ton of research talking to tank installers and the only options to mod are an extra 3gge tank that eats up the rest of the trunk total cost of install around $3000 or you could remove the tank and put a longer one at the rear of the trunk behind the wheel wells and get about 12-13gge but that would be $4k. Also I am rather cross with Honda for killing me on the filter housing. It should not have cost more than about $50 not over $600 out the door. Dealers tend not to know what to do with these cars. The place I bought from said they didn't do filter changes! I will be looking elsewhere next time!!

Average Rating : 3.625


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