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Somewhat disappointed logo 12/11/2016 kelley

In the last 4 years, I've owned a 2009 Honda Accord ES, 2014 Chevy Malibu LT2 (wife cars), 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5SL, and the 2016 Mazda iTouring so I'm pretty familiar with the class. I bought the Mazda because I really like the styling and I don't like driving a car that I see 17 just like it in the company parking lot. Upside: steering/handling, mileage, quietness, downside: very stiff ride, uncomfortable seats. The stiff ride/great handling are both a product of the 45 series tires. Speaking of, the OEM tires are Dunlop W=rated with a 340 mileage rating...I figure I'll get about a year out of them. Engine performance isn't overwhelming but completely adequate. I got used to the CV transmission in the Altima and miss it...ratio was always exactly what you needed. Wife's Malibu shifts smoother than the Mazda. The iTouring comes standard with backup monitor, cross traffic and blind-spot monitors..the blind-spot monitors are needed as the outside mirrors are mounted somewhat further back than some cars and the B-pillars are wide making for a LARGE blind-spot. Even with the monitors, I've cut a couple of people off. Also on the iTouring, dual zone climate control. Like that the rear seats fold completely flat and the distance between the wheel wells is wider than my old Altima...brought home a 60 in TV last week, no problem. Seats have prominent side bolsters (good) but little lumbar support (bad). I've driven my Altima 14-16 hours straight...don't know how that would work in the Mazda. I like that the material in the interior is actually stitched...the Malibu is molded plastic that LOOKS like stitching. That said, the visors are vinyl, not cloth covered and look like something out of a '77 Toyota Radio uses a central control knob (like many high-end cars) and a touch screen...the touch screen is inactive when the car is moving...takes a little getting used to but nice in that the control knob falls easily to hand when you rest your arm on the console. I've been pleasantly surprised by mileage. I hit 40 occasionally and probably average 35-37, although that seems to be dropping off now that the weather is getting colder. A good car but not for everyone.

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