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Sounding Off! logo 4/27/2015 Robert Pagano

Bought this S60 AWD new. Absolutely love the handling and ride..good gas mileage and safety features.Cannot stand the center console sound system. Have had it replaced once and it still doesn't work.AM reception - lousy at best.The entire system, including the phone, just shuts down at random.Push FM button and get AM or nothing.Push phone button and get radio.Have complained and been told as recently as two weeks ago that they had to replace the system for the newer models because the '12's thru '14's were so bad.Leather seats also wore out after 20K miles

Favorite Feature : Acceleration is excellentBraking is excellentHandling is superior to most other cars I have hadRuns on regular gasMileage averages 24-26High speed driving is excellentSafety is typical Volvo - very solidWith Blizzak snow tires, this car will go anywhere.

Suggested Improvement : Replace sound/phone system. It's awful.Bring back the S60 T6 AWD. New models no longer available as S60 T6 only T5. T6 is six-cylinder and the acceleration makes it much easier to handle in situations where you need power (passing, avoiding other vehicles, etc.)Install better leather on the seatsWould love to buy another but have major reservations about 4-cylinder power plants.

Average Rating : 4.75


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