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Space and fuel economy logo 8/14/2015 Nicole

I have one of the first Pilots to hit the road and have already put 1600 miles on this vehicle. My family and I moved out of a 2013 and love our new Pilot. The positives: for this size "minivan" I average about 19 city and 22 highway (actual). This is way better than my old pilot and most SUV and minivans on the market. I would average about 13/15 city on my old pilot. The drive and ride are smooth and it is enjoyable to drive. I like cruising down the road , even in eco. I am happy they added the eco button. It is nice to cut it off if you want a little power behind the wheel. Car has a decent get up and go. A little sluggish depending on how many bodies are in the car. Once the car is moving it's nice and smooth and maintains its speed well. Like the interior materials and space in the 3rd row. Can definitely say it's nice not to have to use the 3rd row for space since it has room in the trunk area. Most cars in this class have no trunk space and quickly become a 2 row car. Cons: the arm rest in the front do look flimsy. They feel dine but I miss the big bulky one in the middle. I feel smaller in this Pilot. I guess I was used to my big box because I feel a bit dainty in my new one. Not really a complaint. I do not like the touch screen. It is a bit confusing and I miss the volume knob. For the finger prints, I use a 8 inch screen protector. Works like a charm and I reduce the finger smudge imensley. Finally , the USB outlet placement is a litrue strange. I'm not sure what Honda was thinking as far as functionality and usage. Overall, I love my pilot. I have had no issues. Very pleased with out quality purchase.

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