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Speedometer purposely inaccurate logo 8/18/2015 Joe

My speedometer is reading 3 to 4 mph below actual speed according to radar and confirmed by the dealership. An average speed of 40 mph is a 7.5 to 10% discrepancy. The warranty is 36,000 miles. That equals to a loss of 2,700 to 4,000 miles of warranty. Actual warranty miles will be 32,000 to 33,300. Toyota refused to fix or replace the speedometer. I went through arbitration on July 8, 2015. I lost because there are no laws governing the accuracy of speedometers and that the 3 to 4 mph is within Toyota specifications. In other words, Toyota dictates the accuracy of its speedometers and can therefore reduce the mileage warranty without the buyer being aware that this is happening. In my view this is corrupt as I would not have bought the RAV4 if I had known that Toyota is actually selling me a lesser warranty. Otherwise the vehicle operates fine. However the screen is very touchy and has a habit of going bonkers. I recommend using the tip of a pencil or a similar device. Discard the navigation and have a separate GPS handy. Great for hauling stuff. Again if I had known about the speedometer, I would have purchased an alternate brand as there are many out there.

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