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Sport Hatchback that BMW doen't technically make logo 8/18/2015 Craig

I know that everyone is jumping in the small crossover SUV pool but the X-1 (in my opinion) doesn't really strike me as an SUV. What it strikes me as is a 3 Series of 2 generations ago, re-imagined as a sport hatchback. I've had mine for a couple months and I really couldn't be happier with my decision. Mine is loaded: Ultimate package, X-Line package, Adaptive Xenon Lighting package, Cold-weather package, etc. but I bought it as a dealer demo with 6,800 miles on it so it was about $8,000 or so below sticker. We are empty-nesters and my wife has a Ford Explorer so I really could have gotten by with a smaller sport sedan or even a coupe (I test drove both). However, I am a cyclist and backpacker so having a bit more utility in the vehicle I drive every day kind of put the X-1 over the top for me. Plus the price was lower than a 3 series or a 228i AND I really don't feel like I gave up much in the way of driving dynamics. With 240hp and 260 lb/ft of torque, there is simply gobs of power on tap in this 3,500 lb car. I got the rwd version (we don't get much snow if any) so it handles like a true German sports sedan. It's shorter (nose-to-tail), narrower and lighter than the 3 Series wagon and it's like 9 inches shorter (in height) than the X3 so it really is more of a hatchback than a wagon or SUV. I also like that it has 7" of ground clearance: not enough to introduce too much lean in the corners, but enough to not have to worry about hitting curbs and parking barriers in parking lots. It's a very nice touring car on your favorite 2 lane hwy (or even the interstate) and it scoots around town or back roads as zippy as you want to. It has plenty of headroom in front and back. Negatives? Leg room in the back is a bit tight for adults, only 2 will comfortably ride in the back (due to the transmission tunnel), and there's a bit too much wind and road noise on the interstate for a BMW (in my opinion--having owned BMWs before). All of that I can live with because the virtues of this car far outweigh the negatives.

Average Rating : 4


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